Majestic Maple Syrup Fountain Pen Ink

$ 22.00

Natural Wood with Champagne Shimmer

Ferris Wheel Press’ next magical expedition in search of the most beautiful ink colour takes us on a leisurely ramble through the captivating forests of Vermont. In search of the maple trees and sugar shacks where liquid gold is brought to life, sunrays meander through the foliage to illuminate the natural mosaic of fallen leaves on the forest floor. Embrace the warmth of the season with a writing experience as serene and captivating as a pristine autumn day.

  • Ink Tone: Natural Wood with a champagne shimmer
  • Characteristics: Serene, natural, calming
  • Ink Details

    • For fountain pens, calligraphy, and drawing
    • 38 ml bottle
    • Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
    • Intriguing glass bottle with with signature brass cap with airtight seal
    • Made in Canada