Hobonichi Plain Notebook - Wish Upon A Star

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SKU: HB-TAT22019

A plain notebook that feels just like the Hobonichi Techo

Wish Upon a Star was designed by Japanese illustrator Yuka Hiiragi. The fairy tale design is whimsical and chic.

The notebooks have Tomoe River paper, open completely flat, and contain graph paper divided into 4 colors.

The Tomoe River paper is the same thin, durable paper as that used in the Hobonichi Techo. This allows the book to stay at a mere 10mm thick, giving you plenty of room to fill to your heart’s content.

The 3.7 millimeter graph paper is also the same as that of the Japanese-edition Hobonichi Techo Original. The ink on the pages is divided by color (red / blue / green / purple), making it easy to split the book into several themes or use the colors as a way to more easily find old entries.

The notebooks are the same size as the Original A6 and Cousin A5 Techo, which makes it compatible with Hobonichi Techo covers

Book Details

  • Paperback book with cover design by Yuka Hiiragi
  • A6 Measures 105 mm x 148 mm | 4.1” x 5.9” | 240 pages
  • A5 Measures 148 mm x 210 mm | 5.8” x 8.3” | 288 pages
  • 3.7 mm grid in red, blue, green, and purple ink

The notebook is a great supplement to the Hobonichi Techo, or simply a slim notebook to keep by your side for filling with lots of writings or drawings.