Moleskine x Van Gogh Museum Limited Edition Collector's Gift Box Set

$ 68.00

Celebrate the Creativity of Vincent Van Gogh

Like Vincent Van Gogh, be relentlessly passionate in the search for your own uniqueness. Whether you're putting pen to paper, putting brush to canvas or putting a cake in the oven, physical creative expression is the only way to know yourself.

This special gift edition Collector's Box contains a Sketchbook, Cahier Journal, black pencil and a pencil sharpener – all the tools necessary to write, sketch and capture ideas. Use the Sketchbook and Cahier Journal pages to clear your mind of thoughts or draw inspiration from the world around you to create something new. Delve deep and get to know your own unique self through creativity.

This gift box is created in partnership with the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. With 165g/m² sketch-grade paper, the sketchbook contains additional information about the artist and his work. The themed Cahier Journal has 16 detachable pages at the back for lists, messages and reminders, as well as a flap pocket to collect loose notes and inspiration. Both the sketchbook and journal along with the pencil and sharpener are contained within a beautiful reusable box.

  • Reusable fabric covered gift box with artwork by Van Gogh
  • Sketchbook: canvas hard cover with artwork by Van Gogh
  • Rounded corners, elastic closure and matching bookmark ribbon
  • Endpapers featuring Van Gogh's art and information about his life and work
  • Expandable inner pocket in the back
  • Cahier Journal: cardboard cover featuring artwork by Van Gogh
  • Visible Singer stitching on the spine
  • Flap with space for collecting loose notes
  • Lies flat, opens at 180°
  • One black pencil and pencil sharpener

The themed Moleskine Notebook is a hard cover bound in silkscreened fabric with rounded corners, an elastic closure, acid free ivory paper, story card with themed message, and a reusable paperband B side with additional accessories.

Like Vincent van Gogh, you can be relentlessly passionate in the search for your own uniqueness. Unleash your creative power with the limited edition Moleskine x VanGoghMuseum notebook collector's gift box.