Esterbrook x Ferris Wheel Press Fountain Pen - Nebulous Plume

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The Nebulous Plume is where worlds collide, bringing together the best of Ferris Wheel Press and Esterbrook into one keepsake pen and ink set.

Step into the world of boundless imagination and endless possibilities with the unveiling of the Nebulous Plume, an extraordinary limited-edition fountain pen brought to you by the visionary collaboration between the Esterbrook Pen Company and Ferris Wheel Press.

Prepare to embark on a voyage of creativity as you uncover the hidden wonders of the Nebulous Plume, the manifestation of a truly remarkable partnership that pushes the boundaries of imagination and storytelling in the writing industry. Are you ready to unleash the infinite power of your words?

Pen Details

  • Extra Fine or Medium Nib - Stainless Steel with gold plate
  • Cartridge converter fill
  • Limited to just over 1000 units worldwide
  • Includes custom blended Nebulous Plume ink
  • Capped length: 5.3"
  • Posted length: 5.8"
  • Body and cap are made of DiamondCast six-color blended material
  • Wax-cast ring featuring the Ferritales insignia and stargazing elements
  • Pen and ink bottle are packaged together in the prettiest box and outer sleeve

Esterbrook Pens is a brand with a rich history dating back to 1858 when the Esterbrook Pen Company was founded in Camden, New Jersey. Over the years, Esterbrook pens have been used by some of the most influential figures in history, including Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, and President John F. Kennedy, who used an Esterbrook pen to sign the bill declaring his intention to go to the moon.