One of a Kind Hand Painted Art Pieces by Adejoke Speaks

$ 28.00

Not just any greeting card... Creative art pieces are collectible and perfect for framing or sending as a letter.

Each art piece includes one hand-painted card and one hand-painted envelope. Mixed media elements are included, like feathers, glitter, rubber stamping, etc...

Each measures approx 8.5" x 5"

Painted by hand by Adejoke, a local Washington DC artist.

Each is unique, the images shown are just a sampling of the designs. Please allow us to choose one for you, or get in touch to request a specific color or theme.

Adejoke Speaks is an emerging “Art for All” ministry conceived by Tonya Butler-Truesdale, Esq. (aka Adejoke).  

She is a single mother, daughter, ordained minister, Isese onifa and a municipal government attorney.  

Adejoke is a curator of all things in nature that are colorful and fragrant.  Her mission is founded upon the belief that thoughtfully crafted paper sentiments and gifts heal both the giver and the recipient. 

Her goal is to provide sensual tactile experiences accessible for all.  Her choice of color and composition is driven by the aesthetic celebration of elements incompatible with mass production yet rich with spiritual, scientific, mathematical, and historical symbols steeped in the personification of marginalized cultures (think: masculine themes in pink, women surrounded by numbers, African graphics in muted color schemes).  A belief that toxic thought patterns can be erased by beauty and kindness buttresses each theme and choice in her work. 

Your purchase supports her goal to celebrate esteemed community elders with elaborate care packages in recognition of their work and sacrifices for marginalized communities.