Moleskine Music Cahier Set of 3

$ 23.95
SKU: MO-8058647626871

Designed for ideas with rhythm

Moleskine Music Cahiers provide a structured space for musicians, sound designers and composers to record harmonies, melodies and note-perfect inspiration.

Available in sets of 3, each black Music Cahier has staff-lined pages on the right and blank pages on the left to jot down ideas and references. With distinctive Moleskine design features such as rounded corners and ivory-colored pages, Music Cahiers are lightweight paper companions designed for ideas with rhythm.

  • cardboard cover
  • Each book has 80 pages
  • rounded corners
  • visible stitching on the spine
  • flap with space for collecting loose notes
  • ivory-colored 100 g/m² acid-free paper
  • last 16 sheets detachable
  • packed in sets of 3

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