Sakura Cherry Blossom Pencil

$ 8.00

Time to upgrade your desk! After the magic sakura tree you might already have the Japanese spring in your office or home all year long, but hey, why not do more? A sakura pencil is a great addition to any desk and it makes cherry blossom petals fall all year round.

The sakura pencil is a great design from Hiroaki Doi, who designed this product for the stationary company Sun-Star back in 2015. His motivation for this special design of a pencil:

These pencils reflect the ephermal nature of sakura trees. Just like the revered trees the pencil had a short lifespan, in which they bloom and leave their mark, before fleeting away with the wind… 

If you sharpen the sakura pencil, it releases shaving which are very similar to cherry blossom petals.

Made in Japan.