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Refill Pages For Large 3 Ring Album 8x11

Refill Pages For Large 3 Ring Album 8x11

Refill Pages For Large 3 Ring Album 8x11  Send to a Friend    
Item#: GINY-POCKET-811
Availability: Usually ships next business day
Refill set of 18 leaves. Archival quality polypropylene pages are heavyweight and super clear. Won't wrinkle or harm photos or documents. Recommended capacity for the Large Album is 54 leaves.

  • 18 Leaves Per Set
  • Leaves measure 9.25" x 11.25", with three holes
  • Standard US 3-hole punch spacing, Fits all standard 3 ring binders
  • Each leaf holds two 8.5 x 11 photos or documents, one facing front and one facing back.

  • Made in the USA for Graphic Image New York.

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