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Adding Pages to Post-Bound Albums

Adding Pages to Post-Bound Albums

Kolo Post Bound Albums offer the advantage of being refillable. The album comes with 10 sheets, held in place between the cover boards by two screwposts that can be opened and lengthened to expand the album up to 50 sheets (100 sides). In addition to being able to add pages, this gives you the creative advantage of being able to remove pages while you are working on the layout, so you can work unencumbered on a flat surface, and then assemble the pages all together once they are finished. You can also rearrange pages to suit your needs.

To remove pages, simply open the cover, and unscrew both posts. If the screw is very tight, there's a slot for a screwdriver, but usually, a finger twist is all that's needed.

Once the screws are undone, the covers will separate and the pages can be added or removed.

Simply thread the holes punched in the pages onto the two posts. Add extenders that come with every package of refills, if you need them to accomodate a larger stack of pages.

When everything is in order, put the cover back on and screw the tops back onto the posts. A flap folds back over the heads of the posts to conceal them and to protect the album from rubbing.

From this side view, you can see that the posts are invisible once you have put the pages and the cover back together.
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